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Coming soon... Pico tank

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1 hour ago, TaylorW said:

I love those weird looking stomatellas lol, I don't have any at all anymore lost them all in my tank crashed couple years ago. If anyone has any to spare Id be happy to give you a little $! If you can find them of course emoji6.png sorry didn't mean to hijack... got a little excited I forgot about those guys. I always seemed to spot them on the glass at night

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My stomatellas have multiplied like crazy, so I have plenty to share. Free.  Send me a PM to schedule a time to pick some up if you like.

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Oh my gosh that would be great!! Thanks so much! I'll pm you, I don't quite know my schedule for this weekend yet. I plan on picking up some Acans from lewisfisherman probably Saturday so maybe on my way back... I'll let you know!

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