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Coming soon... Pico tank

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1 hour ago, TaylorW said:

I love those weird looking stomatellas lol, I don't have any at all anymore lost them all in my tank crashed couple years ago. If anyone has any to spare Id be happy to give you a little $! If you can find them of course emoji6.png sorry didn't mean to hijack... got a little excited I forgot about those guys. I always seemed to spot them on the glass at night

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My stomatellas have multiplied like crazy, so I have plenty to share. Free.  Send me a PM to schedule a time to pick some up if you like.

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Oh my gosh that would be great!! Thanks so much! I'll pm you, I don't quite know my schedule for this weekend yet. I plan on picking up some Acans from lewisfisherman probably Saturday so maybe on my way back... I'll let you know!

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    • By NateDawg
      Hey guys, haven't posted a tank thread before but figured I'd put this one up. Anyway, I just moved to a bigger place that would allow me to have a larger tank so I just got everything moved over last week. The tank before this was a standard 29 that I just basically moved everything right over to the new one.
      - 20ish gallon DIY acrylic sump
      - simplicity dc320 skimmer
      - simplicity dc1600 return
      - 2x jebao rw-8 wavemakers
      - lighting is a DIY led fixture that I middle the new orphec v4 after but added a couple color spectrums too.
      - diy ITC-1000 temp. Controller
      - diy ATO
      -probably missing something...
      Zoas: king midas, salted agave, CARs, blueberry fields, utter chaos, radioactive dragon eyes, sakura sunrise, bam bams, rastas, scrambled eggs, BBBs, everlasting gobstoppers, pink diamonds, Darth mauls, hallucinations, rainbow incinerators, space queens, twizzlers, granny apple Smith's, leprechauns, GB yellow hornets, and many more unnamed...
      Sps: $500 efflo, green slimer, Oregon tort, BigR WD, ora red planet, Garf bonsai, tricolor undata, orange setosa, ORA Red Planet, many more..
      Fish: 2x standard clowns, purple tang, Potters Angelfish, green clown goby
      Various cleanup crews
      Anyway, lots more, just got tired of listing haha

    • By Heidi.PDX
      Rectangular with lights. 
      Upgrading from a Biocube 29. Looking to get an aquarium with a nicer display. 
      I’m in Portland.
    • By tnknsnj
      Since my wife and I retired, we are traveling quite a bit and need to say good bye to our 180 gallon saltwater setup. I am willing to give it away for free, along with all components. All I ask is that you move it to the new location, wherever that might be. I did not put this on Craigslist, because I would like a dedicated hobbyist to take it over. The various components included are:
      180 gallon glass aquarium + cabinet
      Seamless Sump
      Arctica Chiller
      R/O DI
      Iwaki Pump
      Vortech Pump x 2 MP40
      Octo Protein Skimmer
      Calcium Reactor + CO2 Tank/valves
      Digital Aquatics Controller + 3 strips
      Turbo Twist 12x Sterilizer
      Miscellaneous aquarium supplies
      Also included are 2 maroon clowns, 2 Brittle Stars, Yellow Tang, Filefish, Pin Cushion Urchin and a few corals
      Contact Tom (360) 666-2730 if interested
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