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Hello hello everybody! I've been meaning to make a post and kind of introduce myself and all of my tanks but I just never have gotten around to it. My name is Colton and I live in the little town of Dallas.


Many of you have probably met me at one time or another, I help out at two fish stores here in Oregon, The Premium Aquarium and Cuttlefish and Corals. I know I know, living the dream.


I have far too many fish tanks than I'd like to admit, but long story short I have two main display tanks. An old old 35 gallon tank that was passed down from my father to me. The seals scare me but other than that it's nice. It's sumpless and a little ghetto but it gets the job done. Despite only growing some easy montis, zoas, and macro algae in it, I decided it would be a good idea to put a AI Hydra 52 HD on it. Kind of a lot of overkill but hey when you work at so many fish stores you have to test the products out there right?


My other display tank is a nice 90 gallon with a corner overflow, 20 gallon sump, and some of the worst wire management you've ever seen. Im just running a bubble Magnus skimmer on the tank and manually dosing, nothing too crazy. I'm hoping to move to a calcium reactor when I can stomach the cost of setting it up. It's lit by a 4 bulb t5 and a current marine LED bar, but Earthbound is building me a custom LED for it because what I've got just not quite cutting it. The tank has a lot of nicer SPS pieces in it but no colonies are crazy mature yet. All things in time I suppose.


Other than that, my other 10 tanks or so are just projects. Breeding tanks, shrimp tanks, general Tom foolery really.


Anyhow, pictures to come. Hello forum goers!

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Welcome Colton! Happy to finally see you on the forum! Let's see the pictures!



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Alright that got a better response than anticipated ???? there is a glare from a window on the front glass of my 90 gallon right now so I can't get a good picture of that. When the sun goes down I'll try and get some of that. In the meantime here are some pictures of my 35. It's kinda my catch all tank where I put corals and fish I don't have other places for or are recovering. A lot of corals in here are rescues, any of the browned out acros im tying to color up and give them a second chance. There's some montis that I rescued from nudis that are recovering with the help of a hungry yellow corris wrasse. There's an abundance of macro to keep down on nitrates and phosphates since I don't have a skimmer on this tank, but the macro gets a little out of control at times. Again don't judge my reef keeping by this tank it's kind of a catch all disorganized sort of tank.post-15694-0-43106900-1461615828_thumb.jpg






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