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Red Sea Reefer 350

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Considering a Red Sea Reefer 350. Does anyone have experience with the reefer line?

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Gil&fin might be able to give you some feedback based on her experience. I'd love to have the 450!

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Yes! Actually George and I talked Reefer last week. I'm still really pleased with the tank. I love the lines, the quality of the stand, and the sump. My only problem has been with the ATO. I really like that it is designed to fit right above the sump. It is gravity-fed so it is a simple design. The problem is with the float. It has failed a couple of times now which obviously caused some problems. I've ordered a new one so I'm sure alls good. It's a great tank, in my opinion.


George--go for it...and post a tank thread!



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Bought the 350 and it has been cycling for about two weeks. My only complaint is with the pump I chose, Sicce Silent 4, it is loud. Sound like the hum of a transformer.



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I bought the 450. Wow. I'm using a dc pump which is great. Dialing in the overflow isn't as tough as peolpe say.

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You all are making me jealous!!!! Congrats on the tanks but really where the PICS!!!!!!!!

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