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Can't smile

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Can't edit post after posting....sucky. At some point, I will hijack this site and its server to put on a better server and better usage to be good for everyone!!!

No need to hijack! Bring back the smilies! I agree with Reefy and Robert the smikies are critical to the survival and preservation of humankind. ???? ok maybe they didn't say that but I do think they are important for getting your point across and keeping the mood light. If you can help just send a message to the board! Viva la smikies!!! Viva la revolution!!! ( I would put the rock icon here if I knew how to do that)

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Jay your test works-obviously you don't use an iPad, which Im not a fan of, I actually don't care for Apple products but it's free to me and allows me to surf the web while kicking it in the family room, or in my car, or Jeffs shop, anywhere mobile. I'm not going to go buy windows better version of the IPad just for this forum so I can :)


I just wanted to point out once again the inability to access the smiley option when using an iPad-not sure what interface others are using that posted the same experiance. It WAS something that was available pre crash and post crash it's not.


This is not a bash thread it's an FYI thread as maybe it's an easy fix-maybe not





Edit: looks like we lack the :butt: emoticon too- another classic/favorite

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Unfortunately it is not an easy fix.


Our software is just not compatible with the IPAD emoticions yet. It has to be fixed at the software level. IPB has responded to my inquiry and told me they are working on it, but at this time there is no time table for when it will be done.


The reason it worked pre hack is because we were using different software.


Hopefully IPB gets it coded in soon. Or Apple codes to IPB, either one of those would be good, but it is not something we can change at our level. You can still type them in, but the easy click window on an IPAD will have to be fixed at a level higher up then our forum.

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Maybe I didn't explain.....


I don't stalk the forum from a PCI, I do it typically while sitting on the sofa "not" watching TV using my employers hardware- an IPad. With the Ipad I have NO, NONE, ZERO, NADA options available as you describe- a huge reason I have BASHED how the new platform is. It's unuser friendly in many ways "for me" but it is what it is.


This is why I am trying to adapt to the non user ability of the smiley and will try to remember the "code word" for what I want to express






Anyway thanks for what you could accomplish


Next I would like to see a "preview" option or a "go advanced" option and the "edit" feature returned as it once was




As a side thought, why would the BOD not approve a "finger" emoticon what finger are you thinking I'm after-it's the I index finger of course :whistle:



What model iPad and Version iOS do you have?

That was one of the recent updates. It ads a smile icon to your touchscreen keyboard down at the bottom left corner.

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Here we go again, 4:30am and I can't fall back asleep so brew some so coffee and grab the iPad for some casual surfing.....


No worries BDave maybe if I send an email to the folks at Apple they can add some smileys for me ????




But honestly thanks for the reminder, I'll be able to use a few them????


But while I'm looking through them WTH is this one supposed to be a happy POS ????

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