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Lakeridge High School Update!

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The Lakeridge Tank is a work in progress. Now that Marshall is gone they have not had the support but Shaun Monahan has stepped up to offer to help. It actually doesn't look bad considering it has not had a water change since it was set up at the start of school and Sarah is doing what she can to keep the water topped off. The Alk has been running pretty low too. The corals look a little stressed but they have been through a lot. We added some more fish today and a sea hare to help with all the algae in the tank



Sarah asked for some schooling fish so I got her 5 Bangii cardinals. I have had them in the quarantine tank for about 2 weeks and they are eating pellets with no sign of illness. I also got her a sailfin tang to help with the algae.





Car loaded up with 20 gallons of saltwater:








There's a fair amount of algae on the rocks but not surprising since the rock was dried out. The corals are pretty stressed too but the salinity has been running high and the alk is running low and they were transferred from one tank to another and have lived through the cycling process. The water is also a bit cold as the heater is not working well. Honestly things don't look bad considering the parameters are off. Now with Shaun and Re-run offering to be contact people this will be one sweet tank.





Fish are being acclimated to salinity and temperature. We will be getting them a new heater with the next BRS group buy







The students love the tank and they have been dilligently testing :)





A 20 gallon water change should help! :)





The fish look happy and healthy :)






















All done! Tank looks a little bare but I plan to add more corals when the parameters are more stable.








Well there it is. This tank has a lot of potential. I can't wait to see the progress!

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Wow 1.033 and 70* (scary) These critters are hardier then we give them credit for. Looking forward to seeing what direction this tank takes. With Shaun on the job I'm going to guess SPS with a killer clam garden :)

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Yeah when we saw the 1.033 we thought we should go slower with acclimating the fish.


I can't wait to see how this tank comes along! :)


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