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  1. Water is in. Lesson learned check the over flow connections first by putting a little water in there first as it will alleviate the panic the sets in when a connection leaks. We won't do that again hah. Connor has plans on covering the gray cement on his rock structure up not sure how but we will see. He might not even care. Next the long wait for cycling and him learning how to program the Apex stuff.
  2. Had to wait for a few orders but we are dangerously close to putting water in. Everything is plumbed and cables and everything are nice and neat. One gotcha is the light has to come out from the wall about 4 inches. So tomorrownwill paint a couple 4x4's and attaching them to the studs and attaching the lights to them. One step forward and one back hah
  3. Missed this question. Still baffles so if you remove those, which we will probably do, there is a small chamber
  4. The plumbing is all done. Next up wire management. Also Connor started building his aquascape.
  5. I guess this is what art looks like. Should make for an awesome scape when he is done. We should also finish up the plumbing today. Just need another run the the hardware store.
  6. Had a lot of researching to do so progress has been slow. Finally decided on the lights. Aquatic life dimmable with two kessil a360x. The kessils should be here next week so we can finish the lights up. I should note the tank is pulled out from against the wall so the lights might look off. Connor also has been studying negative space aquascape so he is busy chipping away and designing. Not in that much of a hurry since the nano is up and running but we are trying not to get bogged down in research also.
  7. Oh I’ve been reading your stuff on reef2reef. Great stuff. Thanks for the offer!
  8. Hah we went back and forth about the Apex power brick. Think we settled on Apex stuff or things Apex can control will plug into that and everything else into the cade plugs. But we really are just making it up as we go heh.
  9. Getting more and more excited as equipment arrives. Still not sure on what sort of light we will use. And figuring out where to put the uv is a bit daunting. Also thankful that my son is ocd and really enjoys running the cables and stuff cause I'd just throw it all in a heap with a few zip ties hah
  10. First a little background. My son is the one driving this project, when he was around 7 years old he found a love of cuttlefish, he is now 18. Recently found a bit of his art from age 7 where you can see his love for cuttlefish. Last year we were lucky that we got to go to the Monterey Bay aquarium and get a behinds the scene tour of the cuttlefish breeding program. Met a lot of great people who gave us email addresses and knowledge and my son came home saying Poppa I would like to try to raise cuttlefish now. So we have no background in fish, I used to raise poison dart fr
  11. Spent entirely too much time in there yesterday trying to make up our minds, thanks so much for your patience.
  12. Excited to go by Paradise this weekend to check out the shop and specifically the neptunian. I’ll have to look at that rock while I’m there, that’s nice looking.
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