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WC System


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Finally finished the RO/DI and saltwater mixing barrels.


Have these two 55gal drums, one for collecting ro/di (on the right) and the other to mix the salt.


When it's time for a WC, I can assemble the plumbing together, pump the ro/di water into the left barrel by way of a hose and ball valves. Once I have enough water, I add the salt thru a "port hole" in the top of the barrel, turn some valves and the Iwaki pump will mix the salt and water for me. I can add a heater thru the same opening to heat the water.


By turning the ball valves, I can now pump the fresh saltwater to the sump to fill it back up.


When I'm done I can stack the mixing barrel on top of the ro/di barrel ans still have it collecting water for the ATO.


Of course this is borrowed from RC.



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