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Clown Tang for sale


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My clown tang has officially decided to be a bully to my hippo. Not wanting to fight with it down the road im gonna see if anyone with a big tank would be interested in a very healthy 1.5" to 2" Clown tang.


Its my understanding that Clowns have a very hard time making it past the first month or two. Bought mine from Cayes about 5 months ago. Doubled in size, very fat and healthy. Just to aggressive for my tank.


I checked prices online and it seems it ranges from 50- 119 bucks(live aquaria:eek:).


Basically been QT'd in a fish only tank for 5 months.


So 50 bucks OBO.


Gonna upset the wife, but she is not the one that takes care of the tank.(wife)



Drop me a pm.

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(scary)(scary)oh my goodness if I didn't already have 3 tangs I would jump on this.


Thats where I went wrong. Love the tangs and couldnt stop. No agression with just one other tang, added a couple more and bam. Got mean.


Also, willing to do a trade or partial trade for a nice healthy Rose BTA.

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scopas can be jerks but the purples can be pretty grumpy too.


I tried adding a purple recently and my Scopas did it's best impresonation of a demon possesion I have ever seen in a fish - it went completely bonkers. Fortunately, my wife was able to get the purple out before it came to any harm... unfortunately, I was unable to catch the Scopas. Of course, it went back to it's normal self after the purple was removed - mission accomplished. DOH!

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