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coral and live rock for sale


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I am in SW Portland and I need to take down my 15 gallon tank due to an upcoming move. There isn't a whole lot left in it at this point, but I would like to sell off the remaining corals and live rock.


one large colony of green start polyps - $30. These are super bright and fast growing.


two smaller colonies of green star polyps - $10 each.


one small kenya tree coral - $5


one colony of unidentified polyps - $5. like GSP, but brown in color.


one green hydnopora - $5. This is recovering, but the growing points are green and healthy.


one rock with hairy mushrooms - $8. These grow rather large and are green and brown.


xenia rock - $5.


All the live rock (~15 lbs. maybe?) - $40. This has some nice coralline. Two or three larger pieces and lots of soft ball sized pieces.


Also willing to give away the remaining snails and hermit crabs to whoever buys some of these items.





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