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PNWMAS new banner


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I understand the comments. Problem being that this banner is dynamic based on the resolution or width of the browser. So, the left side needs to be a solid color to expand. With that, if we had a cool coral picture on the right it would have to stop where the solid color starts now and that would look a little goofy. I was able to float the title over the banner and center it tonight balancing everything a little.


The alternative to this to have a fixed width site which gives the flexibility to have a really cool banner. But, that limits the amount of data to be display in all other areas of the site. So, hence the reason we took this approach.




i like the left side but it would bee cooler if it faded to the right and showed some sort of aquatic life.dont get me wrong i like it(whistle)
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Ok, let me see if I can explain this. When dealing with a dynamically sized site you are dealing with 100% and not a fixed width, like 1024px. Graphics like what we have in the banner are a fixed width, in this case 980px wide. You have three options left, center or right and then have to fill the additional amount to 100%. 100% could be 981px, 1024px, 1440px or anything. This graphic is place on the left because the PNWMAS logo is the constant and the attraction.


If we had a fixed width site like I described before, we could make the graphic the exact size we want and place fancy graphics on both sides.


Hope this helps, a little.




answer me this: how is the image on the left side "floating" in the banner' date=' and you are not able to do the same on the right?[/quote']
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The logo is what it is. It is a little fuzzy being that small, but hopefully that once the people are at the site, they know it is .org (laugh)


Hey Rob' date=' just a note the ".org" is kinda hard to see in the logo on the banner. Maybe a bold outline or color change?[/quote']
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