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New MH bulb, do they need burning in?


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Since I have had cyano popping up pretty severely in my 60G cube, I switched the old MH bulb out for a new one today (among other measures, like more flow, more snails, large water changes).


Do these need to be burned in slowly? Should I throttle the timer back to something like 3 hrs a day at first and add a half hour every few days?


Or is that not necessary?

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Heh, congratulations! :)


BTW, I have two pieces of dark screen on there, and it's really cutting down on the brightness. I have more screening, but don't want to go overboard.

Should I stick with two pieces, or add the third anyhow?

It looks darker in the tank with 2 screens than it did with the old bulb.

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I would just stick with the two. since it seems darker and you aren't taking as many steps i would go with 5 days between removals. it is always better to be safe than sorry.


hijack: did you figure out what skimmer you are getting? if you are still wanting a uv, i would be interested in trading my uv for your old skimmer.

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