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I would give it a few days, then try a new spot for two full weeks. They sometimes do close up for "no reason" that we know.


If it stays closed up, it could mean that it does not like the place where it is put (mainly light and flow), or it could not like the conditions of your tank.


If it is still not doing well, after a couple of moves, and about two weeks in each new spot, then it may be time to try to trade it to someone else. Sometimes the most reliable way to get zoas to open up is to put them in someone else's tank. :) Sad but true.



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check to see if there being worked over by fish or crabs I have found new frags or colony's really tip the interest of my cleaners and this can cause them to be closed otherwise check for other malady's such as zoa pox or pyramid snails or nudibranch's

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Have been a little slack in my water testing, tested and had Alk of 7. Been buffering slowly since yesterday, am up to about 9 going for 10 or 11, corals slowly coming out of it. Lost at least 15 mini brittle stars and all of the turbo snails. Nassarius snails and trocus seem to be hanging on.Kenya trees look like they were hit with a flame thrower, but are starting to straighten up. Long tentacle leather looks like it has a broken neck but tentacles are slightly out so it may make it.

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