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1st grand child


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Thanks everyone. I was there for 4 hr earlier, did some shopping for mom and dad, took all the laundry home started it then went back for 3 more hrs.


Waiting for the fun part.

Just kidding. Like most grandmas I must say she really is cute!

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I am old enough to be a grandfather and have been mistaken more than once with my 5 year old.:eek:

I never resent her grandparents "spoiling" her. It is a special bond that I love to see. Although it does grate on me when Harvest (my hippie child from EugeneDOH!) asks me to cut up her toast in a pattern "like Grandma does".

Congrats! Spoil that child.

I now have a grand child. A girl, Sylvi born last night. 7 lb 7 oz 20 inches.

Both mother and baby are doing great.


Am I really old enough to be a gamma?



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