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What is this coral?! Please? Anybody?


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Nobody can seem to identify this coral that I have. Many say zoanthids but I really don't think so. I've included pics of it with it's polyps extended and retracted. In my experience zoanthids do not look like that when they the polyps retract. As the pics show, it is bright turquoise in color with many polyps that almost disappear when they retract. It also grows very quickly. Anybody?





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It does look like some photos of goniopora that i've seen. The polyps are really short compared to a lot of them however. I would really love it if somebody had the exact same coral with a pic to share. I've read that it is a difficult coral to keep healthy...is this true? I've only had it for about 2 months and it's growing like a weed without any supplemental feeding or anything so it's hard for me to imagine that would be a touchy coral. Any advice?

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I have seen goniopora with small polyps like that. They are supposed to be hardier than the long polyp type.


Do you feed it? Try oyster eggs or phytoplankton. Something small for it to fit in the mouths.


Where did you get it from? Did you ask what it was when you got it?


Does the flesh retract into the skeleton when it is mad? If so, then it is a stony coral, not a zoanthid or moon coral.



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Definitely not a goniapora(24) or a aleveopora(12)

Maybe a moon coral....

Need a close up shot when closed up


What makes you think that it is not a goniopora or alveopora? Moon coral is a type of brain coral similar to acans or favia. In fact I believe moon coral is a type of favia.


Here are a few pics that show similar goniopora species. Goniopora minor is what some of them are named scientifically.






Goniopora has several different growth, color, and polyp varieties. Some have short polyps while others have longer polyps. Some encrust while others branch or form a ball. This coral is definately a Goniopora.

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Guest Snorkelwasp

not a moon coral either...that is if you mean diploastrea moon coral aka volcano coral...i would stick with the flower pot stuff.

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