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Coral Reef Pet Center

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I have tried to contact Jason at Coral Reef Pet Center for about two weeks with no success. Call the store, the cell phone, send him pm messages, ect. He acted very interested in helping me out by taking some of my corals when I moved in trade, but after a couple initial conversations it seems that he is ignoring me. I think this is very bad form. If he didn't want to do the deal after-all he should have told me. I have tried so many times to get him to talk to me privately, I see no other option. I have had some great dealings with Jason, but this one is really starting to get silly.

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Wow. I guess this is what I get for not having more time to watch this. I am glad we have spoke since this was started. As everyone knows, I am neck deep in trying to get both shops finished so I can focus on just normal everyday business practices. I have ALWAYS gone way above and beyond in helping my customers out and even helping customers that don't ever buy from me and just come in to get information. I never intentionally ignore phone calls, but when you are busy helping other customers, sometimes you have no choice. I can tell you that if you take the time to leave a message on the shop phone, I will take the time to call you back. If business ever picks up here in Salem for the aquarium side, I will be hiring someone to help. But as of now, business is still bad and I cannot afford to do that. So please try to have some patience with me when the phone rings. And PLEASE leave a message if I don't pick up. I will call you back.


Sincerely, Jason

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The official move date is somewhere around the second week of May...yeah, official. Cora starts school on the 18th of may, so we can't be any later than that. We would really like to get over there and unpack though. So, you see why I am in a crunch.


My backup is to sell as much coral as I can at reasonable prices. I am not going to get rid of a bunch of corals for free, just to keep from having to take them. If Jason doesn't take them I am basically figuring I will have to take most of them with me.

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I am very glad I went into the store last night. Had to wait about an hour just to talk to him because there were so many people there at the store. I knew he was busy, he is super busy. The new gun store is super nice. Tons of stuff, really looking nice.


Everything went great. The deal is going through and should be able to happen next weekend.

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