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OK, I am looking at skimmers, seems that everyone ever made is the best. I am looking at a octopus needle wheel skimmer rated for a 150 gallons or a Pacific coast ps1000 rated at 130G. Anyone want to talk me out of them or tell me I am buying the right one?

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I have used PC for years. I have used the ps 1000 in an older tank. I am now using an rpc 3000 modified wheel with the octopus 3000 pump. This is currently in the garage while my rock finishes cooking. There is an unlimited list of skimmers that will make your head spin. You do want a RC skimmer. I looked at a newer model PCI has with 2 octopus 2000 pumps on it. Not nearly as big as there bigboy, the 5000 model. What I can tell you is you want as fine a bubble as you can and the longest "contact time" Some protiens take longer to ad hear or bond with the 02 molecules. The "feed pump" should not blast into the skimmer but flow at a slower rate to allow more contact time


Now the newest thing out are the cone skimmers. There is a lot of talk on RC about them. I like what I have.

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I would HIGHLY recommend going through the classifieds on this site and find a quality skimmer that has been used. There are a bunch a few pages back that are a heck of a good skimmer for around $125-$150. I honestly think that this is the best route for most of your equipment.


I agree, don't waste your money on new if you can find a good used one.

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