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Emergency Vacation Backup???


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Hey all,


I was wondering if anyone was willing to be an emergency contact for our pet sitter while we are out of town the week of Monday April 20th through Saturday the 25th. The sitter will feed the cats and fish and keep an eye on the tank but they are not really knowledgeable about it. So... if anyone would be willing to be a contact for them in case of emergency that would be awesome. We should still be available by phone but just in case it may take a trained set of eyes/ears to trouble shoot on the spot...


Thanks! Sean

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Sean' date=' my feelings are hurt!!! You know you can always count on me to come help you out!!! Swing into the store and I'll give you all my information.[/quote']


Ouch DOH! Sorry Bob... I didn't want to be too presumptuous and figured you might be kinda busy with the shop ;) If you are up for it though that would be awesome. At least you are already familiar with the setup! I will definitely stop into the shop soon... I want to check out some of those cool acro colonies anyway (drooler)

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Hey Bob and Dennis,


Just wanted you guys to know that I am back in town. The tank seems to have made it through fine as far as I can tell so far... all fish and coral accounted for!


It was a huge relief to know you two were watching my backs so thanks again! Glad you didn't (to my knowledge) get any late night panic calls :eek:


I owe you guys (rock2)

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good to hear that all was well. How was vacation?





Pretty nice. We kicked around Ashland and Jacksonville Mon - Sat AM. Did some shopping, bike ridding, sight seeing and caught a couple of plays. Also went to the Oregon caves and dipped across the boarder long enough to stand unders some old growth redwoods. A good mix of activities... oh, yeah, and lots of eating on my part :D

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