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Red and Green Echino Chalice


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I have this chalice coral for sale. When I bought it I was told it was a tomato echino chalice, but I am no good with the species so I think it is some type of echino but not for sure. Anyway it was bright red when I got it but I gave it too much light and it totally bleached out (whiteish). I moved it to really low light and it has taken some of its red back but it also has some green pigments as seen in the photo. It has been receiving extremely low light in my tank. My point is that I think it would do really well in someones tank who can offer it moderate light. I just don't have room for it. I am selling it because my anemone has moved into its territory and has started to sting it (that is why you see some of the white, it was very unhappy when I took this photo) and I have no place to put it. It is about 4" X 1.5". I am asking $60. I am sure you could frag it up if you wanted and sell a couple of pieces for more than that. Give me a call if you want it or would like to come see it. Jake 503-330-4772



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