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i think they are talking about stripper shoes when they say "pumps"




About time the board gets going(laugh)



The Acrop is a strip club just so you know. Have been there once for lunch about 15 yrs ago. Am to old to go thee nowDOH!

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Lived here my whole life I have been "told" the acrop is a strip club:D


I have the tanks but no reef. I am researching everything trying to only buy equipment once also trying to find the best places to buy the reef part of my tank.


As of right now I love that you all trade and sell some stuff. I also love Upscales and Suotas shops. They are top notch of the ones Ive been to in the last 3 months while just browsing and trying to sponge info.


If there is any other top notch places I need to see please feel free to let me know of them, as I haven't been to all the shops in the Portland metro area.

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