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WTB Small Colorful LPS Frags


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If your hammer or frogspawn is a different color than the ones that I have I would be willing to trade head for head something that I have... I am always looking for a different color of frogspawn. I can't get enough.


Trade would have to wait for the end of next week. I am going to be busy the rest of this week, and into the start of spring break. :)



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I have a little bit of everything. I would need to check out what is fragable right now. I have, I think, at least 15 different types of frogspawn and hammer corals. Here is a pic of them when I had to move them to a temporary holding tank. There are different views of the same tank.





Only a few are ready to frag. But I would be willing to give a good deal if you have something different.

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