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6 line wrasse pregnant?


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While is possible that your sixline is a female and is holding eggs, there are no known labriforms (fish in the Suborder Labroidei, [i.e. wrasses, parrotfish, cichlids]) that are known to carry live young in any fashion, (There are atleast 7 different methods that fish carry "live young").


My personal guess is a swim bladder problem (probably not if it wasn't that way when you bought it) or it has eaten a lot of pods in your tank, and has filled out. Ive noticed the later with several 12-line (aka 4-line) wrasses. Both fish are closely related.

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Fish have a very low developed brain, and do not have a mechanism to stop eating because it is "full." As long as there is food, it will eat. There are stories about people feeding fish to the point of their stomach exploding because "he must be hungry because he kept eating."


Once your pods go down in number, he won't be that fat.



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I had the same thing happen with both my Foxface and Blue Tang. They both consumed so much of the algea on my rocks that their wee tummies bulged out! Silly fish! I prayed they didn't pop, and now that the algea is diminished, they have gone back to normal.



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