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Inexpensive lighting for 29g


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I'd like better lighting for my 29g FOWLR tank, but don't want to spend alot since it's not a reef tank. I'm looking for a fixture since I don't have a canopy on this tank. I was thinking about this one:




Does anyone have any experience with it or have other suggestions?

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The cheapy light I have on there now just doesn't look very good. I'd like the fish to "pop" more.....actually make it look like a SW tank. I just don't want to end up with a POS light. Maybe I should spend a little more so I could get an anemone for my false percs or some LPS. (plotting)


Any suggestions for an affordable 30" light fixture that can provide enough PAR for an anemeone and some LPS?

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Looking at the pics of nanoreefer's 29g tank.....



I think I'll go with what he's using.



nanoreefer's tank looks amazing!


You'll be able to keep anything under that light. Good choice.

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After doing alot of reading over at RC on that light, I decided not to order it. Looks like the ballasts and bulbs suck. Some Chinese no-name knock-offs. I'd basically have to buy all new internals which would double that price easy.


I ended up ordering the 30" version of this:



Hopefully that'll work out for some LPS and a BTA.

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96w of T5 HO won't quite be enough for a BTA? Are there different lighting requirements for a green BTA and RBTA?


How big is your tank? How many watts?


Wow. I just realized every sentence I just typed are questions. Sorry about that. (laugh)

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The bulb and ballast that comes with the Odyssea fixture sucks! I knew that when i bought it; i switched to 14k phoenix (and now 20k for more color pop) and lumatek ballast after i got it; it's actually too bright for a 29gal i think, all my softies freaked out big time, they're just recovering now.

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