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Multimaster 7 in 1! Is it for real?


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Has anyone ever used one of these? Its made by Fein which is a german company that has been around along time. I was up late tonight and saw a infomercial about it. It seems to work really well from what I have seen. Lots of different applications of use. Im sure you could even use it for fragging :) Replacing tile with it seems like a breeze. Cutting out a door jam with it too seems to be simple (no more flushcut saw :))


Is it too good to be true? It doesn't come cheap though with a $400 price tag. I just wanted to see if anyone has every tried it. Heres a link.



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Nevermind I found it on Johns link. I wont be going with the Bosch because its cordless. I like to use cordless drills and thats about it. Seems like everyone's cordless dremel and even my sawzall that came with my kit suck the battery down pretty quick. I like having "full power" all the time :)

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