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Finicky Acan?


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One of my Acans is impossible to please (I've named it "Mother-in-Law"), no matter where I put it (more light, less light, more flow, less flow) it won't open up all the way. It eats, and will puff up slightly but never to the extent of it's neighbor Acan -- much of the time, it's got that receding look to it.


I've looked for parasites but haven't seen any so I don't think that's the problem. Are some Acans just tougher to please than others?

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This may be life or death but maybe try fragging it. I had one like this and I finally just split it and one side stayed looking really bad, but the other is fat and colorful now. I was on the verge of loosing the whole rock so I split it for the heck of it and I at least saved one half. Don't ask me for the logic of this because I don't have any, but it is alive and well now. Go figure...DOH!

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My acans do this from time to time. It seems that there is always one frag deflated and pissed. Sometimes they've stayed like that for 30+ days. Thats when i start worrying but they have always inflated eventually and went back to looking great.


Andy you might try moving it to where nothing can crawl over it. Perhaps a snail or hermit is constantly touching it and pissing it off. Can you move it to a frag rack or something?


Good luck!

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