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I just found out that having my air line completely open is not the best way to get the max air. The skimmer that I have been using lately (Top Fathom 300A w/Mesh Modded Sedra 9000) has white (not clear) body and I couldn't see the bubbles.


When messing with my new skimmer (Aqua Euro USA 265 Dual Recirc) , I found out that if the air line is wide open the pump pulses and you get mediocre flow and mediocre bubbles, very inconsistent.


I put my finger over the hose and the pump worked better, and if I cracked a little air into it, the bubbles were way better. I put a small valve on it, and it is working better than ever.


Don't know if this is old news and I just didn't know, but for those that don't know, give it a shot. Are there any other skimmer tricks that I should know for getting max production out of my pump?

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No venturi? The airline feeds directly into the volute?


What I meant its that the venturi often makes or breaks a skimmer pump, particularly a DIY or mod. There are some cool designs out there but they're fiddly damned things.

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