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Oh no, not another nooobeee


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I'm new here, don't usually post much, and don't have any pics of my nano-cube. I joined because I'm in the south sound area, and might actually get to meet some folks.

I have my first SW tank, have had freshies (and still have one) for many years, but am still learning. I did a sterile start to the tank, after following recommendations from another source, and took my time. I think it ran three months before any livestock went in. So far only a CUC of hermits and snails and a couple of damsels (they're staying, I like the little devils). Hoping to add some softies soon, have some macroalgae on the way. Everything has been very stable so far-

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Thanks for the welcome! I do occasionally stray down below- I have family in the Eugene OR area and often get to Vancouver. I hope to have something to trade later in the year, for now I'm just slowly building up to adding the softies. My tanks are unfortunately not my primary hobby, my dogs are, but I've enjoyed learning the SW details and I can sit for ridiculously long periods of time and watch the fish and hermits.


The quote about Rome not being built in a day is too funny- Rome is the name for my dogs and it's been over 20 years now that I've been known for them. That's one long day.

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