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starfish for reefs?


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In general the orange starfish are not a good idea for a nano, or any tank imo, but do thrive in rare circumstances. Most require a fair amount of coralline algae, among other algae to be able to thrive. Some of the brittle stars can be aggressive towards fish, namely the green ones, but most are harmless and good scavengers, do your research on the particular species you are looking to acquire to ensure it will not predate on your fish.

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they eat the coralline algae, so you need a huge tank so they can cycle through allowing areas to recover and grow more.


The acro eating green brittle stars is a new one for me, though it doesn't surprise me. Those guys are downright mean!


oh i didnt know they eat the coralline algae..interesting!

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I had 3 green brittle stars and found them attacking my acros (eating more than attacking). I will never have them again in a reef.

I have heard other brittle stars are alright.

I have always been a fan of Linkia Stars, but they are not easy.


this is the red brittle



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