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New System


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I am finally starting a new tank. I have had a 120g system sitting in the fish room with the other two tanks for almost a year. After getting it drilled the way i wanted (thanks isaac!) i have got my components together (most anyway)

Lighting Two 250w 15k halides on each end and One 400w 20k in the center. Ill have two 18" pc actnic lamps running between each halide. Lighting will be 10 hrs for actnics, 8 hours for 15k and 3 hours for the 20k

Pumps, Ill have an iwaki rlt 40 as return pump and a dart as a circulation pump running through an ocean motions 4 way splitter.

Skimmer will be an AquaC ev 180 with john guest valve for co2 blow off

Calcium reactor is a korallin C3002

Ill be running this system as a zeovit tank from the start.


What do you guys think?


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ya im setting it up at the old pad, im having my broker see if i can get the fixed 5% on mortagage before i move. what im figuring is ill setup the new tank and move the contents of the other two tanks into it that way im still only moving the same amount of stuff.


ccr - the 400 watt is going to be for the benefit of the sps corals on the upper areas, lower down will be lps corals



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the co2 blow off is you run your effluent into the skimmer the mixture of air and water will bring some of the excess co2 back into gaseous form for it to dissapate

as for the zeovit im still up in the air about it, but wanted to give it a try. you've seen my tanks matt and know that i have no problem keeping excellent water quality :)

ill get some pics up this weekend of the tank, plumbing, and lights

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