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Just took the male bangai and put him in a breeding net and an hour later he is popping out babies. 2 right now, we will see how many more come out. I dont know if he did this from stress, but the babies have already eaten cyclopeze so hopefully they make it. He has already had about 10 clutches that I let go in the tank, but this time I decided to catch them. Built a nice fake urchin for the babies to hang out in, they seem to like it ok.









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Male Cardinals incubate the eggs.


You may want to contact "Luis" on here for some information. I know hes bred and raised them before.




Does Luis just go by Luis as a screen name? Thanks for the contact info, I may need it.


Thanks for the comments everyone. Gotta love when something cool like this happens.

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You may want to hang onto those little ones for awhile Biker. We will have a new "PNWMAS AWARDS PROGRAM" section open soon.

Members will have an opportunity to be awarded points and auction off propagated inverts, frags, and fish.

The section should be up soon in the forums.

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tried to shoot underwater video with camera, but just stressed out the fish. i shot video without moving the camera for half an hour with no success of getting a shot with them in the mouth, they are just shy fish.


uploading video right now, will post link as soon as it is finished.


and there are now 8 babies, with 2-3 more at least trying to swim out of his mouth.

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dont know how many they have on average.


cigars are being passed right now. (dancing)(yahoo)(dancing)


still waiting for the video to finish uploading. count is up to 9, and still going up.


have been reading threads and i guess these eat baby brine shrimp. where can i get live baby brine, or can i start growing them? i know they hatch pretty fast. any ideas anyone?

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