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SPS, Softies, Mushrooms, Riccordea,


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Green Bird's Nest: 1 1/2" $15



Purple Digi 1 1/2" $15

Brown/Purple Polyp Digi 1 1/2" $15



Green/Purple Ric. Yuma 3/4" to 1 1/2" $15-$20



Cabbage Leather Colony (3" x 4") $15



Green Finger Leather 2" $10



White w/ Purple Polyp Acro 1" $20



Zoa Colony Rock 3 varieties 30-40 polyps $20



Green Knobby Acro 2" $25



Green w/ Blue Tip Acro 3" $20



Orange Monti Cap 1" $15



Green/Purple Rim Monti Cap $15



Green Star Polyp $10 or $40 for colony w/ rock (5" x 6")



Rose Milli $30



Super Green Branching Hydnophora $15



Blue w/ Orange Pimple Mushroom $15



Super Bright Galaxia $20


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heading up your way over thanksgiving. should be going through wednesday morning, mid day some time on my way to idaho. i can bring them, but i need a guaranteed sale. the green cap would be a 1x1 frag of the piece you see, i am using the other piece with the orange cap and idaho grape, and hopefully they grow cool together.


btw, have 2 of the orange pimple mushies if anyone else wants one.

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sorry ryan, i should have been more clear.


most of the prices are for frags, sorry guys, i wont be selling the whole rose millie colony for $30. :)


ok, you have one of the mushrooms on hold for you, one still left.


green cap frag available again.



will be going through portland wednesday the 26th at around 1:00-2:00 pm, otherwise you have to come down to eugene.

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ok, the zoas and one of the orange pimple mushrooms are yours. i also have 4 different type of riccordea, you will have to look when you are over here.


thursday, as in thanksgiving? i will be in idaho. but next thursday works. if that is what you were thinking. basically any day after the first in the afternoon works. see you then. cant remember...have you been to my house before? if not send me a pm, and i will reply with address and phone number.

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