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Craziest thing...ever


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So I was just gazing into my tank when I spotted something odd. There was a shell sitting next to my xenia and it had reached out a leg and had suckered onto the shell. It hadn't split off unto the shell yet, just got a good foot hold. I was chuckling to myself when I noticed that inside this shell was one of my new scarlet hermits! The little bugger most have stopped next to the xenia a rest or to munch on something and got himself hooked. I just reached in their and liberated him from the siren's clunches and he is now happily crawling around a free man once more.

The other thing is, I noticed the xenia attached to that shell a couple of days ago, in passing. So that hermit has been chilling there feeding in the same spot for a few days now...

Anyway, just thought I'd share that little tale of aquarium adventures

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That is awesome! I think I am going to start glueing frags of nice zoas to my hermits and snails shells. I think it would be fun to watch some palys go walking around the tank.





not only that, but could be a major money maker. i will take a frag of pokerstar monti when you get one, in trade for my clever idea that will make you millions....mua ha ha ha

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