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Noob in the 'Couve


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Hi, All!


I recently joined and thought I would pop in and introduce myself. My name is Drew. I live in Vancouver. I have been thinking about setting up a reef system (again) for some time now. I found a used system that seemed like a good deal, so I picked it up: 70 gal display tank, 30 gal sump, nice cabinet and hood, 400W MH light, and a return pump of unknown origin. I am now in my planning phase.


You may have noticed that I used the work "again" in the above paragraph. I will tell you that sad story now. About 5-6 years ago I wanted to set up a reef tank. I made the all too common noob mistake of rushing it. I didn't do any prior research and grabbed what I thought I needed and could afford on that day and set it up. It ran well for about 4 months or so, then crashed. Fast and hard. I struggled for about a month trying to fix it, but to no avail. Everything died. I was devastated. So I tore it all down. I have been reading and learning on and off since with the thought that someday I would try again. That day has come.


Right now I am researching the various marine animals and deciding what it is I want to keep, what it is a can keep, and what would be responsible for me to keep. It's a difficult task as I am trying to look into the future and envision how I want it to be 1, 2, & even 3 years down the road. I am going to design the system around that.


My mantra is "patience". I decided that even if I have to let the tank sit dry for 3 months while I figure out what I want to do and gather the needed equipment, so be it. I also read the article by Eric Borneman called "Mything the Point" that was linked in another thread in this section. I plan to follow the schedule outlined in Myth #15. I expect a long, and hopefully rewarding, journey.


Anyway, glad to be here, thanks for having me, etc. Look forward to meeting some of you in person sometime.

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Welcome to the PNWMAS Forum.

Glad to see you found the right mantra.:D


There is a meeting tomorrow in Oregon City at 2:00 PM. Hope to see you there!


If you would like to receive notifications of PNWMAS Meetings and Events, send me a PM with your e-mail address and you will be added to the PNWMAS Evite list.

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Welcome Drew! Your story sounds like many of ours. This is my second time into the hobby, and I made my share of mistakes this time too. I like your mantra. Patience!


Good luck with setting up your tank. When you get ready for some macroalgae or some corals let me know. I'll hook you up with some chaeto and some xenia.



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JManrow - Thanks for the link. Good stuff.


andy - Thanks for the welcome.


dsoz - Thanks for the offer. I will definitely let you know when I am ready.


I am still getting everything set up and ready. Unfortunately I had cracked the bracing while getting the tank home, so I had to spend some time welding the acrylic. I am redoing the plumbing, and plan to put some work into buffing out some small scratches. Then I should be ready for my leak test. It's slow going, but I am enjoying the time I am spending working on it.

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