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Hey everyone got some chalice frags and some other corals for sale. Hurry up and get them before i take them to a lfs for credit towards more corals (clap). I am willing to ship. This sale is first come first serve, meaning the first person to put cash in hand or deposit into paypal gets the coral!! Thanks for looking!! Some of these frags were taken today and just wanted to let you know that i will gaurntee all corals for 14 days after they leave my tank!!


Hot pink chalice Lg frag 2.5in x 1in 3 mouths $40(its the one in the center of the photo)




Smaller frag of same chalice .5in x.5in $15



came from this mother colony



Molten lava red chalice small .5in x .5in $10





Molten lava red chalice small .5in x .5in $10(fell off frag plug dang hermits!(flame))



Came from this mother colony



HUGE Neon green brain coral $75 6in x 4in x 4in tall









XL frag of ora green birdsnest $15 also have a large frags for 10 and small for 5




Not pictured I also have kiwi confusa for $10

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Just a heads up, i just made a few frags of m. setosa, orange danae, superman monti, rainbow monti, red chalice, pink chalice, a. tizardi, a. echinata, a. millepora, purple haze monti, orange digitata, and a couple of others, all will be going up for sale on rc, just wanted to give the locals first pick, pm me for more in fo :D


And i still have ORA green birdsnest running out my ears!!! Probably 10 large multi branch frags and 10 single branch frags!!

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