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Tyree Purple Unknown..... Interested?


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I just cut some frags off my little colony this morning, (10.21.08).

I should have at least three good sized frags to sell, maybe more if the little ones do OK.

I would like to let them sit for a few days as I just glued them.


I got this from Tyree 3 years ago when he came up for the BBQ held at Steve Weast's home. So I know it is real!


Tyree sells his frags off his website for $60.00 for a small frag and by small he means small. Some thing like 1/4"-1/2" square.


Mine are at least 3/4" in size. Possible trade for a like size frag. Looking for Sunset Monti., Purple Monster, Oregon tort, Cali. tort., or....


PM me and let me know if you are interested. I will not sell or trade until this weekend, (Sunday-10.26.08), to make sure they survive the fragging process.

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A lot of people have asked about these frags.


And I will keep track of who asked and when. I will then offer these people, in order, those frags based on how many I have. (Like I said I want to wait and make sure they all look OK in a few days after going thru the shock of fragging). I hope you understand, just want to be as fair as possible.


You can add your name to this thread or PM me and get on the list and if someone backs out I'll take the next name on the list.

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