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If I had something like that, something that people could not readily identify, I would rather be safe than sorry. I would freeze it to kill it, then throw it in the garbage (right before garbage day so it does not stink too bad). There are many good hitch-hikers, and just as many bad ones. It may be that that thing is innocent in your tank now, but as soon as you get something that it really likes to eat, it will be all over it like flies in honey. Then you are out an expensive coral.


I bought a tiger cowry because they were supposed to be reef safe. I had it almost a year, and it was just fine, and I could not detect anything that it ate except algae. Then I was given another one, and my new acans started to loose polyps. What was going on??? I would only look in the tank after the lights went on and that is when I saw the damage (cowries hide when it is light). Then one day I looked in my tank before the lights went on to see the second cowry munching on my last acan!!!! Needless to say, both cowries went into a QT tank that I had set up for other reasons, then they got traded to the LFS the next weekend. The only good thing about this story is that the acans that were eaten are not totally dead. There was some flesh in between the ribs that was still living, and it is starting to grow back, just not as colorful yet.



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