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Rare/colorful Acroporas!


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I'm enjoying seeing pics from everyones tanks so lets keep it going with some acros.


green unknown anyone have an I.D. for this one?




another unknown acro id for this one>?



one of my new favorites ora pearlberry



Red polyped blue millie



there that should get us started. I will get some more up here in the next couple of days.

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I wouldn't mind doing some trading with some of you folks. These corals are amazing. Favorites: stylaster's first pic, mrgreenthumb's pearlberry and blue millie, and frank's lime ?granulosa?


here are some of mine:


Green Slimer: some growth???






Random Brown Acro Turned Pretty






Oregon Tort




ORA Tricolor


When new:








Green/Rose Millie




Blue on Blue Millie (new)




Pink Stylo (new)



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Nice pics downhill and roy!!! I love them all...I need a bigger tank.........


Its amazing what good lights and good water quality will do for the color and growth of a coral!!


As far as trades anytime you head up this way I would be more than willing to show you the set-up and break you off some frags!!! And that goes for anyone and everyone......were not prejudice of you southerners:D

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reefboy was that the red planet in the first followed by acropora tizardi? Blue green stag? Oregon tort? pumpkin milli? just trying to figure out which ones I have and which ones i need :D


your correct on every thing but the first that is a new one its call "VeryBerry milli" I need to get more pics of new im growing but I've been lazy lol.

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