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WTB Dead Rock


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Id like to buy some pieces of old dried out rock. Its for a DIY experiment. Let me know.


What is the experiment? I have about 30 pounds of rock that I took out and has been in my garage for about 9 months sitting on a shelf. I was going to save it for a tank someday.




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Jay, what are you asking for the lot? What type of rock is it?


Dsoz, I plan on using the rock to try creating some towers using the foam/salt/sand mixture people are doing on RC. Basicaly creating large structures out of several small pieces, but filling them in with expanding foam, and covering it with salt to give it a natural texture. Then there using some sort of adhesive and coating the foam in reef sand for a more natural look.


I have seen some really terrible examples, and some very nice ones. I want to mess around with it and see what I can do. I just dont want to dry out a bunch of my nice cured LR for the project.

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