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Building up rock work suggestions


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Hello all,


So I thought I had kicked this habit I mean hobby :) but I was gifted with a 75 gallon setup from my brother in law. How could I resist a full setup with tank/stand/canopy sump skimmer and MH/PC lighting? My only concern is that it is not my ideal dimensions for a reef as it is 48Lx15Wx24T. Does anyone have any suggestions for building up the rock work to get it close to the top and stable? I have about 120lbs of dry "live rock" at my disposal to build what I was thinking could be a sort of a mountain range. Any and all input is welcome. Thanks and its good to be back.



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I like a good arch shape.


You can drill holes, and use zip-ties to hold the rocks together. You can also use plumber's epoxy to glue one rock to another.


Is it a non-standard 75g? My 75g is 48x18x20 (I think). Things do just fine under T-5 light. If your MH is at least 2x250w then you should be fine and not need to get close to the top of the tank for most corals. :)


Welcome back to the addiction.



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You can use acrylic rods to hook 2 pieces together after drilling holes in the rock. Zip ties will allow you to connect rock together. Epoxy putty/glue will too. All of these will be covered by coraline algae at some point so they won't be an eyesore either.


I would suggest make 'lifts' out of acrylic for the rock to set on also. this should make the bottom stable and then you can work upwards.

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Yes it is a none standard 75g its 48x15x24 so its basically a 120 with half the depth. My concern is not having the rock work high enough so it doesnt look balanced. Ideally I would like to ge the rock work at the peak about 8" from the top. I was thinking two islands of rock with the larger one being 6-8" from the top then a nice valley and another peak about 10-12" from the top.

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