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downhill_biker's REEF BUILD THREAD


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I then bought the 72 bowfront for "tiggy" the eel.


Sadly first day in he lifted the hood and was dried up on the floor. I put him back in and he came back to life, but only for about 6 hours.


So I moved the stuff from my 55 in there, and took some back to the LFS, and decided to start turning the 72 into a reef tank.





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And August rolled around and I had a tank crash. (sad) I really considered getting out of the hobby because i had lost so much and it really hurt me. (sad)(sad)


But then I jumped back up and bought some corals and am rocking again: (rock2)


Purchases were made last Friday and yesterday:











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thanks both of you. i am glad i didn't give up either. it is in my blood. as you can see i am heavy into it and have gone through a lot of the major learning curve, and now feel confident. i just wouldn't be the same without my tank. i think the camera skills also improved with the new camera.

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