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Glass Top

mister crabs

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Ok so i ripped the top off my biocube 29 a few weeks back and threw some eggcrate over it. Well i am now deciding against the eggcrate b/c of the amount of dust and dog hair floating about in the air and eventually in my water. DOH!


So I decided to get some glass to make a top over the front (display) part of the tank and will leave the back chamber section open to allow for gas exchange. ;)


My question is can I use regular plate glass (non-tempered of course) to make a top? (scratch) I dont have access to any aquarium type glass and buying it is too spendy. any problem with reg. glass? its 3/8" thick and im going to cut the square and then grind the rounded corners with my dremel. will this glass shatter or anything wierd like that under my MH? its 175w and its about 8" off the water.


Thanks for your help!

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??? huh ???


Do you mean having a double layer of glass on the top of your tank? I don't see how that can be any better than just having a single layer. Both would get hot from the light, even at 8" up.


You need to get some high temperature glass. There is a place here in Vancouver that sells 1/8" pyroceram glass. I got a piece cut for the window in my woodstove for like $25. I am sure that a top for a nano can't be much more expensive. Then you don't have to worry about the heat issues. I learned about the place in Vancouver from this site. Last summer there was a person looking for high temperature glass, and someone posted a link to their website. I may even be able to find it again.


Edit- I found the old thread... Here it is http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/showthread.php?t=4053&highlight=high+temperature+glass+pyroceram


Here is the website to the glass shop that sells the pyroceram. http://www.onedayglass.com/faq.php They said that they do most of their business shipping the glass all over the country, and when I walked into the shop that I was the exception, not the rule.


Let your fingers do the walking, and find a local glass shop and find out if they carry PYRO-CERAM (or NEO-CERAM) in 1/8".



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not a bad idea. that would cut down on the condensation and fogging i get now with it on. I can just use some bits of acrylic or maybe i will get those little rubber/silicone nubs that you put on glass for end tables and such to keep it from resting against a hard surface. or maybe just some squirts of silicone at four corners? hmmmm......possibilities....

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