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Looking For 500+ Watt , 96,000K Compatible Softies


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I am looking for things that can be added to my display tank with this lighting configuration.(scratch)


What I am looking for is instant color to plain rocks that are not colorful.


Is there something that can be added such as softies, feather dusters, leathers, etc. My tank is doing awesome, water params. are all checked daily, or everyother day and have remained stable.


I am wanting any and all information that will help me make a more informed choice in selection in the future when additions are made to my tank.


I would welcome your ideas





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I do not know what you mean by 96,000K. You cannot add the "K" rating of light.


I am assuming that you have 2 x 250w MH lights, over a reasonable size tank (4 foot long, not too deep).


With this light set-up, you could probably keep any softie or LPS. Look for mushrooms, leather, xenia. These all tend to be less expensive, and would thrive under these lights. If you want wavy movement (think anemone looking) then frogspawn or hammer would be a good first choice. When I started, I got a couple of different varieties of frogspawn and hammer and placed them in different areas of the tank. It made the tank look fuller to have the movement in the different areas. Now that I have more stuff, all my FS is condensed to one side.


I don't have any that I can sell right now, but look around at LFSs and get what you want. Since your tank is such a new set-up, I would stay away from most SPS for now. You may get away with a montipora, but acropora would probably turn brown for you right now.


Take it slow. If you try to get "instant color" you probably will get "instant death." Tanks cannot have a lot of stuff put in at one time. 1 or 2 pieces of coral or 1 fish a week. Then let the bio-filter catch up. Then 1 or 2 more the next week.


Good luck


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WOW, I guess that I need to be very careful what I say, so that it is not taken out of context. When I say " What I am looking or is instant color to plan rock that re not colorful". What is not to say that I will buy everything that I can to add all of the color right now. And as for the lighting, (MY STUPID) I miss spoke again about the K rating.


Live and learn



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Im pretty sure 96,000K is correct, the K is for Kelvin, not thousand. I suppose you could say 96KK :)


Most people say "twenty K", but that actually means 20,000 kelvin.


None of that really matters anyway, bulb manufactures just make those numbers up based one other lamps in the idustry. If you actually check the kelvin rating, it is no where near 20,000 for what we call a 20k lamp. Thats why so many so called "15K" lamps etc, dont look anything like each other, because they arent actually using a device to measure the color.



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I am a new with saltwater an all I have to go on is someones experience, which you can only hope to be correct.


I did not know that adding the K rating of 8 12,000K bulbs would ever cause such a debate...LOL. One thing that I could be sure of though, LOL... is that I didn't need to ask if I could add the watts of my bulbs.....LOL.


All I now is that in asking the question " what will thrive under my current light", I have been told by several that nothing will without MH or mega T-5's.


That being said, I am not looking to compete in lighting, I don't feel the need at this time to buy a million watts of MH for my 90 GAL. I was just asking for information from members as to what will thrive under my lights. I currently have 8 65 watt (CPF) and I am not currently planning to change lighting to T-5, or MH.


One thing that I have noticed is that every one has an opinion, just like everyone has an "______". Potato, pototo, I don't know which when it come to kelven rating, if you add it or not. I know that it would make a huge difference if I said, well, I have one 10K one 12K and so on, and not have them match. If that makes a difference then are we not "adding" in some fashion. I apoligize for my stupidity in the Kelven rating, add it, don't add it I just should have said that I have 8 65 watt bulbs.


Hey, live and learn (scratch) DOH!


Thanks WAVES for the clarification, (clap) your information was very helpful.

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I think its safe to say, with that much wattage you should be fine to keep pretty much everything except crocea and maxima clams, as well as acropora. Montipora etc (other sps) would be sketchy, I would probably recommend just not doing SPS.


Keep in mind that PC lamps are only good for 6-8 months, so in the long run (especially with 8 of them) its actually alot cheaper to run halides. More expensive in the beginning, but few bulbs, and less frequent replacments.

Power compacts 16 x $30 = $480 annual (thats being very broad obviously)

Halides 2 x $80 = $160


investing in some halides, wouldnt take long to pay for themselves.


Sorry though, I just keep going back to the lighting thing, and not your original question :)

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I wouldn't toss the Power Compacts. Keep them and when you can add either T5's or if your hood is tall enough add MH's.


I'm not trying to start a new debate on MH vs T5. Just stating that they are an option.


Meanwhile, get some Mushrooms, softies, and Zoo's. Brain Coral's are pretty too. Not sure if you have any Actinic bulbs or not but lots of corals look wonderful under them.

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Hey thanks,


Well, If you now how much I had into my tank, it would be easy to understand why I went this route.


I have $200.00 into my 90 GAL glass tank w/ stand, and 2 canopies, 1 for (CPF, VHO, T-5) and the other for MH w/ overflow box.


$200.00 for lights (2 fixtures each with 4 double bulbs, 2 daylight, and 2 actinic blue) for a total of 8 double bulbs 65 watts each.


$200.00 for 130 pounds of used live rock and 100+ pounds of used live sand.


$70.00 for 45 GAL glass tank (for sump/refugium)


$30.00 for used Catalina skimmer with Catalina 1800 pump


$30.00 for new Catalina 2300 return pump


$16.00 cut 1/4 glass for bubble trap


$20.00 1" PVC for skimmer feed and return


I don't think that I have a great deal into it, my bulbs are 4 pin oddessy that I will replace later. this was just a fast way to get in.


I really have not real complaints, but sounds like many have. I will replace my bulbs in 6 months, or when WAVES has a 50% OFF SALE.......LOL kidding !!!!!


My business will go to the lowest offer.....LOL



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  • 2 weeks later...

I was snooping around on the net and found something that many be very helpful in the debate concerning lighting. It seems as thought everyone has their own opinion on lighting, and even though opinions are great and can inform, some are often mis-informed and it can be a costly investment.





One of the things that I have learned over the past months is that although people understand (WATTS) they don't understand (LUMENS) or (KELVIN RATING).








Very interesting reading regarding lighting and specs.





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