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missing or dead white anemone


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I have a white anemone. Don't know scientific name. I got it from Upscale few months ago. Anyway, it's been missing for few days. I assume it must be buried somewhere behind big rock. Assume it's dead. should I look for it and remove it? That means I have to move the rocks around. Or just let the hermit crabs, crabs break it down. what should I do?

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if it is dead it will release a HUGE amount of nutrient into the water column. You could get an algae bloom like you will not believe. If it is not a big deal (size of tank, location in tank, other things in the tank in that area, etc.), you may want to pull out a couple of rocks to see if you can find it.



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I had a BTA die in my 30 over christmas break and it wiped out almost everything. Hair algae took over and decimated all it could get it's grubby hands on. Better try and find that sucka and pull him out (if he's dead) before you end up having to scrub 40# of live rock and throwing out dead corals.

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