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I need to thin out some stuff! Anyone interested in softie/LPS frags?


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I have finger leather I could frag, red shrooms and candy cane.

Also some orange monti cap and "Armor of God" zoas.


There is a large piece of shell with a red shroom, some GSP and a little piece of orange monti cap.

A good 3 in 1 deal for someone with a new tank looking for a few easy corals.


Pretty much everything would be in the $5-10 range. Maybe $15 for the shell with 3 frags.

Oh, and the "Armor of God" zoas are a bit pricier! $15 per polyp or 3 for $40.


Edited to add: if you think any of the prices (especially the AOG zoas) are unreasonable, tell me!

I'm not a power seller (in fact, I rarely have enough of anything to sell ;)), and I'm asking $10 less per polyp on the AOGs than I paid myself. I'm perfectly willing to adjust if I'm living behind the times!


I prefer to not ship anything, since I have no experience with shipping and the weather is a bit frosty. :)


Here is a pic of my 20H, that the frags would be coming from.

It's under vho actinics.




Armor of God zoas under T5 actinics:



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