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WTS - Getting out of hobby sale!

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Less and less free time for tank maintenance so deciding to get out of the hobby. Items with photos have been cleaned and ready to go. Items without photos are still in the cleaning/wipe down process but if you are interested without it being somewhat cleaned, I can try to take pictures for you. Everything was working great and just shut down the tank last week.

Please note that if you want to purchase it at the listed price, it is first come first served and I will stick true to that. If you want to offer a lower price than what is listed, I will obviously choose the person with the higher offer. You will have to travel to me for the tank.

Located in the Progress Ridge area of Beaverton/Tigard. Not interested in shipping anything at this time. Just cleared all of my PM/DM's.

Not Pictured Items:

  • IM Nuvo Fusion 30L AIO - $250 - Includes the tank, DIY stand, stock pump, 1 inTank media basket, 1 inTank floss holder, 2 spinstreams, tank lid, and rock. Can throw in a bucket of Kent reef salt, testing kits, and BRS refractometer if you're interested.
  • Neptune Systems Apex Lite (older version) - $175 - Includes Apex display screen, EB8 energy bar, and probe holder. Will also throw in the wifi range extender since it needs an ethernet cable plugged in. Already removed from my Apex Fusion account.
  • Hannah Calcium Checker - $40 - Brand new in box.

Pictured Items:

  • IT-2040 LED Light - $100 - Originally purchased this light from Barrier Reef Aquariums but never really used it. Currently, I have it mounted with an EcoTech XR-15 mount (see picture).
  • (2) Kessil H80 Tuna Flora LED Lights w/ Gooseneck Mounts - $100 for both - Used one of the lights for maybe a total of 15 hours and the other light and gooseneck mount are brand new in box.
  • (2) IM Auqa Gadget Midsize Media Reactors - $50 - One is brand new in box. I was sent a replacement since the first reactor did not come with the tank mounting bracket.


IT-2040 LED Light


(2) Kessil H80 Tuna Flora LED Lights w/ Gooseneck Mounts


(2) IM Auqa Gadget Midsize Media Reactors



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