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Tomini Tang in QT, Going Out of Town


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Just got a Tomini Tang, it's in a 10G QT and doing great. No meds, eating everything I give it.

I found out I'm going on a surprise birthday trip which means it would be without food for 3 days. It's a 5 day trip but would feed it when I leave and feed when I get back. I plan to "bulk it up" with lots of food this week before we head out. 

Question for all of you - would you just let it be or try an auto feeder? I worry it would dump too much in and foul the water, killing it.

Is 3 days without food risky? 

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It's eating everything I throw at it so that's good, I'm loading it up. I also pulled some bio media from the DT to keep water quality up and prevent any ammonia spikes while I'm gone. Plan is to leave it without food while I'm gone, thanks! 

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