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35 year old reef tank


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Talked to a few people who havnt seen this so figured I would post it.




TLDR : Guys uses underground filters and his reef has been up for 35 years and looks just as nice as these new reefs with the top of the line hoo-dads. He builds and collects alot of whats in his reef himself. Beyond having an amaazing reef tank, doing almost everything himself he help start alot of the major fish stores in Long island, and he also has a great sense of what saltwater is about.


To quote "This is a hobby and the escence of a hobby is that it's not that important, just fun.

Have a great day.


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I have followed his tank for a while.

Its amazing that some people have such great success with so little and others can screw up so bad with everything you could ever need and all the money in the world.

I actually remember some guy on reefcentral that built a 600-800 gallon tank and spent almost $50,000 and it totally crashed on him after 4 months, he gave up and sold everything off. Sad Day.

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Cool, a few important points to consider... the UG filter is running in reverse and if you look at the tank he is keeping softies and LPS. it is a cool tank but i am not confident that he could keep SPS in there by any means. IMO this tank is the exception to the rule but it is nice to see someone with such an extensive habit of good husbandry.

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