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5’ 100 gallon AGA/Tank Sale

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So I never thought I’d have two 1 year olds at 48, but we have been blessed, unfortunately I do not have time to care for a tank this large and have downsized to an IM60.  I have had this system for about 20 years, some of the fish that long too, believe it or not.  I have already moved the small fish I will be keeping, but I cannot take my Yellow Tang, Blue Hippo, Oscellaris Clown pair, Lawnmower Blenny, and possibly my Coral Beauty.  This will also include sand and live rock and some coral, nothing special, lots of zoos, gsp, couple rainbow rbta’s and inverts.  I am not really trying to make money on the livestock/sand/rock/coral, I just can’t keep them and need a home, but I am going to try and sell this system together if I can.  This will include the following equipment:

100 gallon 5’ AGA aquarium - this is a very nice tank, I love this tank if it was smaller.  Black silicone with glass bracing and single large central glass overflow with fixed acrylic overlay.  I think this may be an older Red Sea Reefer, but I make no claims.  No scratches I am aware of, I’m sure there are a few small ones not visible while filled.  Very nice black stand and I have the matching hood if needed.

4 Kessil 160’s

2 60” HO T5 doubles(total of 4 bulbs) 2 new bulbs unopened

ATB 840 with new Sicce pump and extra pump

Waveline DC return pump

Jebao extra DC return pump(new)

GFO reactor

Tunze ATO

2 Jebao OW-50’s

3x 300watt heaters

20 gallon long sump w/baffles and custom filter sock holders

10 gallon quarantine tank drilled and plumbed to sump

I’m going to put this up for $1200 obo, I am going to give it a few weeks before I consider parting out or selling the livestock separately.  I am also open to trades.  I live 5 mins from exit 72 on I5 north in Chehalis, WA.  I’ll try and get some better pics w/o actinics later and maybe some of the other equipment and sump.








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