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dosing copper affect acrylic?


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My anthia and tang came down with ich on either thursday or friday. I discovered it friday evening. Woke up saturday and my anthia was dead. After filling the 60g acrylic cube about 1/2 way, bringing it to temp and SG, and about an hour of chasing the sailfin i caught him. He is aclimating in a bucket right now.


I'm planning on using copper to treat him. I just want to be sure the copper won't soak into the acrylic or something, or turn it blue.


If you have experience using copper in an acrylic tank please let me know asap. Much appreciated.


The stickers from the acrylic state


Spartech Polycast

Cell Cast Acrylic

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After searching a bunch, i've found posts by Randy Holmes-Farley stating it won't do anything to the acrylic as well. I believe a lot of what he says, so i went ahead and dosed the copramine. I'll test with a copper test kit to make sure i don't over dose.


I considered hypo, but i've used copper before with good results so thats the way i went.


Thanks for your quick response Dale!

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What i've read is that the amount that might attach itself is too small to matter. A few people on RC chimed in and a guy even has seahorses in an acrylic tank previously used with copper. I've read that acrylic is a nonporous material, so it does not have anything to attach to. Either way, i will be doing a very thorough cleaning of the tank, and not using any of the pumps/heaters/nets in anything other than QT from here on.


Guess we'll have to see how it goes. The tang made it thru the ordeal and was still alive this morning. At least there is some good news. I'm going to try and catch the clowns today.

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Just to throw it out at ya; acrylic is porous, it absorbs moisture and dyes, maybe copper, can't say. Think RO membranes, many are made from very thin acrylic. I doubt it would absorb enough to be problematic or maybe the molecules are too large to readily absorb into the acrylic.



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