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Just wanted to say HI


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Some of you know me from a long time ago some of you don’t hello to all:D. I have been in the hobby for more than 12 years here and there. Well I’m back once again it’s a bug that you can’t get out of your system(nutty). I picked up a 125 last week and have started to assemble it DOH!. I’m looking forward to getting the new tank up and going but I’m taking my time to do it right.

Here are some pics of the set up.


Here is a link to my old tank:http://http://www.thereeftank.com/totm/jan04.php



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It would help if we knew your name FRANK!


Long time no see!


Your link doesn't work, but here's a good one. www.thereeftank.com/totm/jan04.php


Do you still have your Banshee?


I helped move your old tank after the guy(binh) who bought it from you moved. I had to redo the whole closed loop. Man, that was fun! It still is a pretty nice tank.


Let me know when you're ready for some frags, and definitely come to the meeting this Sunday at 2pm Saltwater Fanta-seas (106th & sandy).


See you round!



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Yea I forgot the name it gave me my dam email I need to change my name...

So is my old tank still up and going? Yea I didn’t do the closed loop right. I reduced it too soon. On the new one I went with 1 1/2 as long as I could the flow is great now. So how have you been? I will be there? Hoping to pick up a pump for the main system so I can get this started...

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Welcome to the site! Nice CL you have going there. Whats the other plans' date=' like lights, skimmer, livestock?[/quote']


Lights will be like the old tank 2x 400 mh 1200k and a 175 20k (4) 110W actinics, VHO bulbs Model 660 Icecap ballast. Right now it has a tar ballast for the 2 actincs (that will have to go) for the skimmer I’m looking at a Reef Octopus RPS-2000 (not sure yet) and then I have to get a CA reactor?? as far as live stock goes it will be like my old tank a lot of SPS and clams and a little of everything else.

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