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Garage sale: CaRx, Roller Filter, Gyres, Pumps, 40g, and Apex stuff


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Garage cleanup time… I'm located just South of the Barbur blvd Fred Meyer. I could potentially meet at C&C, but don't mind people coming by my place at all.

Koralin reactor and 20lb co2 tank with reg. I could never get the reactor dialed in and went back to 2-part $170

Theilling roller Matt roller filter with two new rolls of filter media. Took up too much space in my sump space. $140

40g breeder that is rear drilled with a CPR Aquatics overflow that needs a couple new bulkheads. Asking $80 for that. 

Ice cap v2 24v battery backup for all 24v pumps $70

2x icecap 2k gyre pumps with extra set of rebuild parts. $70 each. No controller, You will need a controller to run these.

Reef Octopus Varios S2 Pump $125

Simplicity DC-1000 pump $50

Aquatop 375gph pump $20 (was paired with the reactor above)

Apex DOS with power supplyand aqua-bus cable $125 Works great via Fusion, however one of the manual dose buttons is a little "sticky" and requires some fiddling or some time to deactivate if you press it on. never comes on by itself though.

Apex ATO/RO kit $100 includes:

FMM, 2 optical floats, the solenoid valve, one FS-50 flow sensor, two FS-50 flow sensors, another optical sensor, two 24V power supplies, two aquabus cables, and a PMK pump that was giving me trouble but it could have been a second FMM module that failed. I’ll give you both FMMs - the failed FMM might just be the 24V output -so you could still use it for flow or leak monitoring potentially. 

Respectfully I am offering this stuff up as first come first served / sellers choice. If you feel I misplaced anything (I didn't do much research), make me an offer of what you think is more fair. Happy holidays! 🙂







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